Mixed Vegan + Non-Vegan Signature Program

Mixed Vegan + Non-Vegan Signature Program

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You've been asking for it: the classic, plant-forward COMBINED by Alanna experience full of signature dishes and a couple of hometown favorites, both Vegan and Non-vegan! With the Food Combining method in mind, all meals are thoughtfully designed for nourishment and taste, utilizing only organic, high quality ingredients.

Order includes:

-Firecracker Salmon on Herby Cauliflower Rice

-Tagine for the Soul

-Zesty Lemon Chicken Soup

-Market Chickpea 'Tuna' Salad with Umami Punch dressing

-Planty Taquitos with Mexicali Dip

Orders must be placed by Friday at 9am for the following Monday delivery. Next delivery is Monday, 12/11.

Each meal is one, adult serving. If ordering the 3 meal, items will be chosen for you unless allergy/preference is mentioned in 'Order Notes' at checkout. 

By continuing, I agree to the cancellation policy and authorize you to charge my payment method at the prices, frequency and dates listed on this page until my order is fulfilled or I cancel, if permitted.

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